Coalfield Connection is the brainchild of James Hager, a self-employed contractor with 20+ years of service to the mining industry. The inspiration behind the publication was born several years ago. While working a contracted job for a mining company, James and his employees incurred a breakdown and needed a specific part to get back on track. James knew the part was readily available, relatively close to the job. Unfortunately, it was late in the day on a Friday, and all of the contacts in his personal directory were unavailable. Instead of finishing the project, James and his crew were forced to halt operations and wait until Monday morning to begin locating the part needed- thus losing time and money.

Consequently, the concept for a directory to service the coal and mining industry was born. The concept was simple: provide a directory for the end user, the operator or mining professional, that contains contact information for the larger international companies as well as the smaller, regional companies, and everything in between.

James asked his brother Shane Hager and his life-long friend David Pinson, to transform his idea from concept to reality. In August of 2009, they began the background work and in December of that same year, printed their first issue. Starting with only a few advertisers, a small circulation, and keeping to the original concept of a goods and services directory, Coalfield Connection was born. Over a few short years it has evolved and increased its content from issue to issue. Coalfield Connection has placed many suppliers’ names at the fingertips of operators and decision makers, across the country and around the world.

Coalfield Connection strives to provide a professional, easy to use publication with every conceivable product and service (traditional and non-traditional) needed to operate a mining company – from the initial planning stage, through operation, and final reclamation.